Health & Medication

Full Policy

Parents/Guardians should not allow a child to come to school ill, with an undiagnosed rash, or with some other questionable condition. When a problem occurs or a child becomes ill at school, parents are contacted.  

When it is necessary for your child to take medication at school, the following procedure must be followed:

Medication will be administered at school ONLY if it is required for the child to remain in school. 

ALL medication, prescription and over the counter, is to be brought to the school by the PARENT/GUARDIAN.

ALL prescription medications are to be counted by the parent/guardian and a school staff member accepting the medication. 

Medication, prescription and over the counter, is to be brought in the originally labeled container.  

The parent/guardian must complete an authorization form, allowing the student to be medicated at school.  

Dietary and herbal supplements are not allowed. 

Students in grades K-5 may self-administer asthma inhalers based on parent/guardian and doctor orders. 

If you have any questions you can reach out to the district nurse at 503-785-8400.