Bridges to Independence

A transition program for Oregon City Students ages 18-21 who have graduated with a modified diploma but may need continued skills development in the areas of employment, independent living, and the pursuit of college goals (also known as post-secondary goals).

What is a Transition?

Transition planning is a formal process for helping students explore what they want to do after high school and create a plan for getting there.

Learning Opportunities

  • Employment Skills Development

    Do you need more experience working or developing your job skills? At Bridges we assist students in developing resumes with hands-on, real-world experiences at one of our many job sites or volunteer opportunities. Students are also engaged in work crews on campus where they work on specific skills training.Our goal at Bridges is to prepare students for competitive employment in an area of their personal interest.

  • Plan for College

    College is an option, and can be a lot to handle that first year, so your team at Bridges is prepared to help. Many of our current students attend college. Our team assists students in contacting the Disability Resource Office, scheduling classes, and navigating this new experience. Our team will schedule weekly or monthly meetings with students to help set goals and manage the expectations of college. Our district offers free courses through a partnership with Clackamas Community College which includes courses in welding, small engine, and collision car repair.

  • Independent Living

    With a full-kitchen, mock apartment, small store, and chances to volunteer on campus at a clothes closet, our students learn valuable independent living skills. Targeted skills include how to complete a load of laundry, basic cooking and kitchen safety, home maintenance.

Other Skills We Work On:

  • Mobility Training

  • Community Experiences

  • Personal Finance

  • Social Communication development

  • Related Services

  • Goal Setting

  • Coordination of Services

Donate items to support young adults who have completed the Bridges to Independence Program.

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